An exciting maths event was recently staged at Red Cliffs Primary School for students in grades 3 to 6 and their parents and family members. On the night, the Victorian Maths Challenge was introduced. Four of the available Challenges were highlighted and then the activities began.

vmc-red-cliffs-1-of-1-4Some teams made fabulous paper planes and these were then taken to the nearby basketball court for testing.  In another space, there was a great deal of serious thinking and discussion going on while very tall paper towers were being constructed.

Over in another space, imaginative and interesting symmetrical patterns were being created with materials that were made available.

Meanwhile, some other parents and students took part in the Right Direction Challenge which involves giving directions to a partner whose eyes are covered. During the evening many family teams participated in more than one Challenge.  The originality of the participants was very impressive as were their discussions around the mathematical ideas underpinning the Challenge.vmc-red-cliffs-1-of-1-3

Principal Rod Beer and teachers provided great support for the evening. They were very generous with their time and help. Parents, families and students who attended are also to be commended for their enthusiasm and interest. Check out more pictures from Red Cliffs Primary School in the Gallery.