Clifton Springs Primary School joins the Challenge

Clifton Springs Primary School was the site of mathematical excitement early in November when around eighty Grade 5 and 6 students, along with many of their parents and family members, participated in the Victorian Maths Challenge (VMC).

After hearing a brief introduction about the VMC and seeing short videos related to specific challenges, the students and their families were encouraged to think about mathematics in the real world.

The students were very responsive and shared their ideas about how mathematics is all around them in almost everything they do.  It was great to hear these conversations about maths beyond the classroom because when students and their families talk about maths, their understanding develops and this helps their learning back in class.

The students and their families then selected specific challenges to explore more closely.  While some chose to build paper planes, some made paper towers, others created symmetrical patterns and others gave directions to guide blindfolded family and friends about the room. There was a great deal of productive activity. Teachers moved between the groups, discussing ideas with each family and talking about mathematics beyond the classroom. The creativity shown by participants was very impressive.

Big thanks to Kerryn Driscoll for setting up the VMC event. Thank you also to Principal Brent Richards and the Years 5 and 6 teachers for their support.  Congratulations to the students and their parents who participated in the Challenges with great enthusiasm.