thelakeps-1-4 Students from the Lake Primary School recently invited their families to participate in a Victorian Maths Challenge morning tea. Cakes, towers and planes – what could be better?

There was a great deal of productive activity as small teams set about creating towers of paper and tape. Each team came up with a different way to make their tower stand tall. Some of them could have reached the roof with more time.

Round is cool

Many paper planes were constructed and flown.
After investigating the distance travelled, students and their families made small changes in their designs to improve flight times and direction of travel. It may be some time before anyone finds the paper plane on top of the cupboard.

There appear to be several budding engineers at The Lake Primary School. The conversations around mathematical ideas will continue long after the activities ended for the day, as in at least one case the paper tower was taken home so the building could continue. The students, families and staff of The Lake Primary School showed great interest and energy in maths and problem solving. Go to the Gallery to see more.